Bellevue Home Buyer Classes & First Time Homebuying Education

As you may have read, the Greater Eastside, which most may consider Bellevue, Redmond and Kirkland. However this stems from Bothell/Mill Creek down to the Renton Highlands and East to Snoqualmie and North Bend. The Eastside and Bellevue markets have become the Top 3 most competitive housing markets in the entire US. Thus, Get Registered Today for one of our Bellevue Home Buyer Classes on the Eastside today!

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Your Bellevue Home Buyer Classes Host

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Julian is the founder of and enjoys teaching and coaching his clients on how to find and secure their next home. You’ll find his teaching style interactive, positive and very insightful to get you started on your journey.

Bellevue Home Buyer Classes Mortgage Industry Co-hosts

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This array of mortgage lenders are hand-selected by Julian among many dozens of professionals he’s worked with. All Bellevue home buying classes co-hosts are extremely knowledgeable about the financing world, have seen any situation and love what they do.

Best Home Buyer Topics Covered

  • The Home Buying Process from Beginning to Owning Your Home
  • Learning about your options and those available
  • What I need to know about Mortgages and the best options for me and/or my family
  • The ‘Closing’ Process and what’s important
  • Credit: Facts, Building, Maintaining and Do’s and Don’ts
  • Many more Questions and subjects covered with time allowed for specific questions

What to Expect at Bellevue Home Buyer Classes

Expect it to be casual, full of interaction and well thought out to make the home buying process sound simpler than you may have thought. All event hosts are known for being patient, exciting and are experts at translating information for anyone to understand.

Typically workshops last around 90-minutes including Q&A, light refreshments and beverages are served. Each host location is easy to find with good parking in a safe neighborhood.

Is there a cost to attend classes?

No, these are complimentary Bellevue home buyer workshops provided with no commitment necessary to attend. Of course we’d love to work with you if you find our info valuable and our commitment to your home buying and/or selling efforts. We’re confident you’ll enjoy your experience and look forward to meeting you and working with you on your next home purchase! Have a terrific day and be sure to register before you forget to attend and a few months go by..we’ve seen it many times! -JM