Seattle First Time Home Buyers Classes & Workshops

Today’s the day! Take your first steps as a first-time homebuyer and register for one of the best Seattle first time home buyer classes & workshops in your area. We’re hosting weekly casual teaching environments in Seattle areas, Bellevue, and the Southend. So depending on where you are geographically, and where you are at in your home buying process, you can benefit from attending.

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How Much Do Home Buyer Events Cost?

They’re free! These events are open to the public and come in a more formal 5-hour version conducted via the WSHFC (Washington State Housing & Finance Commission) and also a simpler and more time economic 75- to 90-minute version created by ‘Homebuying With Confidence’ founder Julian Michael Aguirre of John L. Scott Real Estate.

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When Are These First Time Home Buyer Classes?

First time home buyer classes are offered weekly at a variety of locations, mostly in Seattle and Bellevue with an occasional first time home buyer class in Renton or Tukwila. Locations are easy to get to, parking is good and refreshments are served.

What Should I Bring to a First Time Home Buyer Workshop?

Bring yourself, maybe your +1, and your questions and curiosity and you’re all set! You’ll walk away from our Seattle first time home buyer classes with an in-depth look into what the home buying process looks like as a first time home buyer in the Greater Seattle and Eastside housing market. You’ll have some action items, materials, examples and diagrams, and many of the questions you came with answered. You’ll walk away with peace of mind and a smile that you took a HUGE first step to becoming a homeowner by being present.

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