Eastside Home Buyer Classes | Bellevue First Time Homebuying Events

As you may have read, the Greater Eastside, stemming from Bothell/Mill Creek down to the Renton Highlands and East to Snoqualmie and North Bend, has become the Top 3 most competitive housing markets in the entire US according to several trusted news sources. Thus if you’re considering living here Get Registered Today for one of our Strategic Eastside Home Buyer Classes in Bellevue today!

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Your Eastside Event Hosts

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Best Home Buyer Topics Covered

  • Strategic HomeBuying..What exactly does this mean?
  • Being ‘Buyer Ready From Day One’: meaning having everything ready to get you in prime position versus other competitive buyers
  • What I need to know about Mortgages and the best options for me and/or my family
  • Down payment assistance programs
  • The ‘Closing’ Process and what’s important
  • Credit: Facts, Building, Maintaining and Do’s and Don’ts
  • Many more Questions and subjects covered with time allowed for specific questions

What to Expect at Eastside Home Buyer Classes

Expect it to be casual, full of questions and answers you’ll find valuable, and knows how to be patient, exciting and is an expert at translating information for anyone to understand.

Typically workshops last around 90-minutes including Q&A, light refreshments and beverages are served, and the location is easy to find with good parking in a safe neighborhood.

Are These Workshops Free?

Yes indeed! These are complimentary workshops provided with no commitment necessary to attend, but of course we’d love to work with you if you find our information valuable and our commitment to your home buying and/or selling efforts. We’re confident you’ll enjoy your experience and look forward to meeting you and working with you on your next home purchase!